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  • Low-Cost feedstock conversion to biodiesel via ultrasound technology 

    Babajide, Omotola; Leslie, Petrik; Amigun, Bamikole; Ameer, Farouk (MDPI, 2009)
    Biodiesel has attracted increasing interest and has proved to be a good substitute for fossil-based fuels due to its environmental advantages and availability from renewable resources such as refined and waste vegetable ...
  • Novel zeolite Na-X synthesized from fly ash as a heterogeneous catalyst in biodiesel production 

    Babajide, Omotola; Petrik, Leslie; Musyoka, Nicholas; Ameer, Farouk (Elsevier, 2012)
    Several studies have been carried out on the production of biodiesel using different heterogeneous catalysts but this study has been able to demonstrate the prospect of utilizing South African class F fly ash as a raw ...
  • Use of coal fly ash as a catalyst in the production of biodiesel 

    Babajide, Omotola; Petrik, Leslie; Musyoka, Nicholas; Amigun, Bamikole; Ameer, Farouk (Slovnaft VÚRUP, 2010)
    South Africa is largely dependent on the combustion of coal for electricity production; Eskom’s coalfired power stations consume approximately 109 million tons of coal per annum, producing around 25 million tons of ash, ...