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  • Herschel*-ATLAS: correlations between dust and gas in local submm-selected galaxies 

    Dunne, L.; Bourne, N.; Bendo, G.J.; Smith, M.W.L.; Clark, C.J.R.; Smith, Daniel J.B.; Rigby, E.E.; Baes, M.; Leeuw, L.L.; Maddox, S.J.; Thompson, M.A.; Bremer, M.N.; Cooray, Asantha; Dariush, A.; de Zotti, G.; Dye, S.; Eales, S.; Hopwood, R.; Ibar, Edo; Ivison, R.J.; Jarvis, Matt; Michalowski, M.J.; Rowlands, K.; Valiante, E. (2013)
    We present an analysis of CO molecular gas tracers in a sample of 500 μ m-selected Herschel -ATLAS galaxies at z < 0 . 05 ( cz < 14990 km s − 1 ). Using 22 − 500 μ m photom- etry from WISE , IRAS an ...
  • Revealing the cold dust in low-metallicity environments: I. Photometry analysis of the Dwarf Galaxy Survey with Herschel 

    Remy-Ruyer, A.; Madden, S.C.; Galliano, F.; Hony, S.; Sauvage, M.; Bendo, G.J.; Roussel, H.; Pohlen, M.; Smith, M.W.L.; Galametz, M.; Cormier, D.; Lebouteiller, V.; Wu, R.; Baes, M.; Barlow, M.J.; Boquien, M.; Boselli, A.; Ciesla, L.; De Looze, I.; Karczewski, O.L.; Panuzzo, P.; Spinoglio, L.; Vaccari, M.; Wilson, C.D. (EDP Sciences, 2013)
    Context. We present new photometric data from our Herschel Guaranteed Time Key Programme, the Dwarf Galaxy Survey (DGS), dedicated to the observation of the gas and dust in low-metallicity environments. A total of 48 ...