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  • HerMES: Candidate gravitationally lensed galaxies and lensing statistics at submillimeter wavelengths 

    Wardlow, Julie L.; Cooray, Asantha; De Bernardis, Francesco; Amblard, A.; Arumugam, V.; Aussel, H.; Baker, A.J.; Bethermin, M.; Blundell, R.; Bock, J.; Boselli, A.; Bridge, C.; Buat, V.; Burgarella, D.; Bussmann, R.S.; Cabrera-Lavers, A.; Calanog, J.A.; Carpenter, J.M.; Casey, C.M.; Castro-Rodríguez, N.; Cava, A.; Chanial, P.; Chapin, E.; Chapman, S.C.; Clements, D.L.; Conley, A.; Cox, P.; Dowell, C.D.; Dye, S.; Eales, S.; Farrah, D.; Ferrero, P.; Franceschini, Alberto; Frayer, D.T.; Frazer, C.; Fu, Hai; Gavazzi, R.; Glenn, J.; González Solares, E.A.; Griffin, M.; Gurwell, M.A.; Harris, A.I.; Hatziminaoglou, Evanthia; Hopwood, R.; Hyde, A.; Ibar, Edo; Ivison, R.J.; Kim, S.; Lagache, G.; Levenson, L.; Marchetti, L.; Marsden, G.; Martinez-Navajas, P.; Negrello, M.; Neri, R.; Nguyen, H.T.; OHalloran, B.; Oliver, S.J.; Omont, A.; Page, Matthew J.; Panuzzo, P.; Papageorgiou, A.; Pearson, C.P.; Perez-Fournon, E.; Pohlen, M.; Riechers, D.; Rigopoulou, D.; Roseboom, I.G.; Rowan-Robinson, M.; Schulz, B.; Scott, Douglas; Scoville, N.; Seymour, N.; Shupe, D.L.; Smith, A.J.; Streblyanska, A.; Strom, A.; Symeonidis, Myrto; Trichas, M.; Vaccari, M.; Vieira, J.D.; Viero, M. P.; Wang, L.; Xu, C.K.; Zemcov, M.; Yan, L. (American Astronomical Society, 2013)
    Gravitational lensing increases the angular size and integrated flux of affected sources. It is exploited to investigate the mass distribution of the foreground lensing structures and the properties of the background lensed ...
  • HerMES: The far-infrared emission from dust-obscured galaxies 

    Calanog, J.A.; Wardlow, Julie L.; Fu, Hai; Cooray, Asantha; Assef, R.J.; Bock, J.; Casey, C.M.; Conley, A.; Farrah, D.; Ibar, Edo; Kartaltepe, J.; Magdis, G.; Marchetti, L.; Oliver, S.J.; Perez-Fournon, I.; Riechers, D.; Rigopoulou, D.; Roseboom, I.G.; Schulz, B.; Scott, Douglas; Symeonidis, Myrto; Vaccari, M.; Viero, M. P.; Zemcov, M. (American Astronomical Society, 2013)
    The far-infrared (far-IR) luminosities of luminous infrared galaxies (LIRGs) and ultra-LIRGs (ULIRGs) are dominated by reprocessed thermal dust emission, due to a combination of star formation and active galactic nucleus ...