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  • Biomass-derived activated carbon as high-performance non-precious electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction 

    Wang, Keliang; Wang, Hui; Ji, Shan; Feng, Hanqing; Linkov, Vladimir; Wang, Rongfang (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013)
    A new type of Fe and N doped carbon material is synthesized by pyrolyzing ferric chloride doped egg white (EW) and the proposed synthetic route is easy, green, and low-cost. In addition, the as-prepared sample exhibits ...
  • Montmorillonite modified by CNx supported Pt for methanol oxidation 

    Wang, Rongfang; Zhou, Tianbao; Qiu, Xiaoli; Wang, Hui; Wang, Qizhao; Feng, Hanqing; Linkov, Vladimir; Ji, Shan (Elsevier, 2013)
    A composite support based on nature clay, i.e. montmorillonite (MMT), shows great promise as support materials for Pt electrocatalyst for the methanol oxidation reaction in fuel cell anodes. The reported composite support ...