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  • Coercive sexual practices and gender-based violence on a university campus 

    Clowes, Lindsay; Shefer, Tamara; Fouten, Elron; Vergnani, Tania; Jacobs, Joachim (Taylor & Francis, co-published with Unisa Press, 2009)
    When a 22-year-old University of the Western Cape (UWC) female student was stabbed to death by her boyfriend (another student) in her room in the university residence on 25 August 2008, the entire campus was left reeling. ...
  • Translational research in South Africa: evaluating implementation quality using a factorial design 

    Caldwell, Linda L.; Smith, Edward A.; Collins, Linda M.; Graham, John W.; Lai, Mary H.; Wegner, Lisa; Vergnani, Tania; Mathews, Catherine; Jacobs, Joachim (Springer Verlag, 2012)
    Background: HealthWise South Africa: Life Skills for Adolescents (HW) is an evidence- based substance use and sexual risk prevention program that emphasizes the positive use of leisure time. Since 2000, this program has ...