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  • The association between biopsychosocial factors and disability in a national health survey in South Africa 

    Naidoo, P.; Sewpaul, Ronel; Nyembezi, Anam; Reddy, Priscilla; Louw, K.; Desai, R.; Stein, Dan J. (Taylor & Francis, 2017)
    The association between psychosocial factors and disability is less clear. This study investigated the biological and psychosocial (employment and psychological distress) factors associated with level of disability in an ...
  • Establishing a health promotion and development foundation in South Africa 

    Perez, A.M.; Ayo-Yusuf, O.A.; Hofman, K.; Kalideen, S.; Maker, A.; Mokonoto, D.; Morojele, N.; Naidoo, P.; Parry, C.; Rendall-Mkosi, K.; Saloojee, Y. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2013)
    South Africa has a 'quadruple burden of disease'. One way to reduce this burden, and address the social determinants of health and social inequity, could be through health promotion interventions driven by an independent ...