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  • Insights into chitosan hydrogels on dentine bond strength and cytotoxicity 

    Perchyonok, Tamara; Grobler, Sias Renier; Zhang, Shengmiao; Olivier, Annette; Oberholzer, Theunis (Scientific Research Publishing, 2013)
    Contemporary dental adhesives show favorable im- mediate results in terms of bonding effectiveness. However, the durability of resin-dentin bonds is their major problem. Materials and Methods: Preparation of 3 chitosan-antioxidant ...
  • Towards bioactive containing restorative materials: from design to testing in vitro approach 

    Perchyonok, Tamara; Mulder, Riaan; Grobler, Sias Renier; Zhang, Shengmiao (Symbiosis, 2015)
    In any repair of a tooth with permanent restorative materials, the interface is always a sensitive region. The appearance of adhesive materials was a great step forward in dealing with the problems of this region and ...