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  • FHMIPv6-based handover for wireless mesh networks 

    Chitedze, Zimani; Tucker, William David (Telkom, 2012)
    This paper shows that mobility management protocols for infrastructure Internet may be used in a wireless mesh network environment. Mesh topology tends to be an unplanned graph and routes change dynamically and in this ...
  • Laboratory study on the mobility of major species in fly ash–brine co-disposal systems: up-flow percolation test 

    Fatoba, Ojo O.; Petrik, Leslie; Akinyeye, Richard O.; Gitari, Wilson; Iwuoha, Emmanuel I. (Springer Verlag, 2013)
    Apart from the generation of fly ash, brine (hyper-saline wastewater) is also a waste material generated in South African power stations as a result of water re-use. These waste materials contain major species such as Al, ...
  • A mobile platform traffic generator for network performance evaluation 

    Tiemeni, Ghislaine Livie Ngangom; Venter, Isabella M.; Rey-Moreno, Carlos; Tucker, William David (Telkom, 2013)
    This work in progress paper presents an overview of the development of an efficient and accurate mobile traffic generator based on an open source computer-based traffic generator software. A high performance mobile traffic ...