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  • Maxillo-facial radiology case 142 

    Nortje, Christoffel (South African Dental Association, 2016)
    A 6-year old boy presented to the hospital with a five- month history of a persistent, draining sore (Figs.1 & 2)) in the mandible on the left side. It all started when a carious 36 was extracted. Figs. 3, 4, 5 & 6 are ...
  • Maxillo-facial radiology case 143 

    Nortje, Christoffel (South African Dental Association, 2016)
    This 30 year old female presented with slight pain and discomfort and intermittent attacks of severe, itching pain in the third quadrant. The affected jaw is enlarged (Figures. 1&2). What is your diagnosis?
  • Maxillo-facial radiology case 144 

    Nortje, Christoffel (South African Dental Association, 2016)
    A sixteen year old male patient presents at your office with the main complaint of a painless, slowly enlarging bony swelling in his lower left jaw Fig 1. The radiographs presented are from other patients with the same ...
  • Maxillo-facial radiology case 145 

    Nortje, Christoffel (South African Dental Association, 2016)
    Below are clinical and radiographic images of patients who presented in the Department with the main complaint that they were not happy with the aesthetic appearance of some of their teeth which developed as they grew ...
  • Maxillo-facial radiology case 146 

    Nortje, Christoffel (South African Dental Association, 2016)
    Below are a clinical picture and radiographs of patients who have been treated with radiation therapy for squamous carcinoma of the floor of the mouth.
  • Maxillo-facial radiology case 151 

    Nortje, Christoffel (South African Dental Association, 2017)
    Below is a clinical picture and a radiograph (Fig.1&2) of a thirty five year old female presenting with a slow growing painless lesion of the right parotid gland. The other images are of other patients with the same tumour. ...
  • Maxillofacial radiology 157 

    Nortje, Christoffelv (The South African Dental Association (SADA), 2018)
    The cropped pantomograph (Fig.2) showed numerous multilocular radiolucencies, bony expansion and excess tooth eruption. The coronal CT scan (Fig.3) confirmed the bony expansion of the lesion as well as the involvement ...
  • Maxillofacial radiology case 122 

    Nortje, Christoffel (South African Dental Association, 2014)
    Below are images of two patients with hemifacial asymmetry causing obvious disfigurement of the face and jaws. What is your diagnosis?
  • Maxillofacial radiology case 133 

    Nortje, Christoffel (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    Clinical and radiographic images of a condition that may occur in about 1 in 1,000 live births. It is reportedly most common in the Japanese and least common in Negroes. What is your diagnosis?
  • Medical education units: A necessity for quality assurance in health professions education in Nigeria 

    Adeola, Henry Ademola; Adefuye, AO; Bezuidenhout, J (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2018)
    In recent years, curricula and pedagogical methods in medical education have undergone rapid and unprecedented changes globally. The emphasis has shifted from traditional, teacher-centred learning, characterised by the ...
  • Methamphetamine abuse: Oral symptoms and dental treatment needs 

    Smit, Dirk A.; Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2016)
    BACKGROUND: Methamphetamine: a highly addictive drug commonly used in South Africa. Users often present with poor oral hygiene, grossly decayed teeth and complain of a dry mouth. The prevalence of dental caries among users ...
  • Minor's request for confidentiality 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni; Du Toit, J. (South African Dental Association, 2014)
    Following uncomplicated root canal treatment on a lower molar tooth, the 14 year old patient presented a few weeks later, together with her mother, complaining about an ulcer on her palate. Her mother assumed the lesion ...
  • A multi-centre evaluation of oral cancer in Southern and Western Nigeria: an African oral pathology research consortium initiative 

    Omitola, Olufemi Gbenga; Soyele, Olujide Oladele; Sigbeku, Opeyemi; Okoh, Dickson; Akinshipo, Abdulwarith Olaitan; Butali, Azeez; Adeola, Henry Ademola (African Field Epidemiology Network, 2017)
    INTRODUCTION: Oral cancer is a leading cause of cancer deaths among African populations. Lack of standard cancer registries and under-reporting has inaccurately depicted its magnitude in Nigeria. Development of multi-centre ...
  • Neutral zone or conventional mandibular complete dentures: a randomised crossover trial comparing oral health-related quality of life 

    Greta, Geerts (Wiley, 2017)
    There is widespread consensus that the neutral zone (NZ) concept contributes to improved stability for mandibular complete dentures (CDs). However, little is known about its impact on oral health-related quality of life ...
  • Opportunities for Teledentistry in South Africa 

    Fortuin, J.B.; Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    Information, communication and technology (ICT) is a part of everyday life, and the constant evolution of technology has resulted in many opportunities for the health care sector. While health professionals globally have ...
  • Oral cancer knowledge, attitudes, and practices among dentists in Khartoum State, Sudan 

    Ahmed, Nada H. M.; Naidoo, Sudeshni (Springer Verlag, 2017)
    The dental professions hold an important responsibility in the control of oral cancer and the early diagnosis highly depends on their knowledge. The present study was developed to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practice ...
  • Oral health and nutrition for children under five years of age: a paediatric food-based dietary guideline 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni (MedPharm Publications, 2013)
    Good nutrition is essential for good health and the development and integrity of the oral cavity. Oral health is integral to general health and essential to well-being. Dental caries is the most common oral disease in ...
  • Oral health care for children attending a malnutrition clinic in South Africa 

    Gordon, Natalie (John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2007)
    Most health problems dealt with at a primary care level have an oral health impact, making it vital for oral health services to find means to integrate with other facility-based programmes at primary health care (PHC) ...
  • Oral hygienists' self-perceived competence on completion of a blended learning course in local anaesthesia at a South African university 

    Behardien, Nashreen; Gordon, Natalie Ann; Cupido, Marcelle (South African Dental Association, 2018)
    The expanding scope of practice of oral hygienists require universities to offer courses that would enhance their skills. Aim and objectives: To determine the self-perceived competence of oral hygienists to deliver local ...
  • Oral manifestations of thrombocytopaenia 

    Lawrence, Stephen; Khammissa, R.A.G.; Fourie, J.; Masilana, A.; Lemmer, J.; Feller, L. (Elsevier, 2018)
    The appearance in the mouth of haemorrhagic petechiae, ecchymoses or blood blisters with spontaneous bleeding is suggestive of a haemorrhagic disorder that may be caused either by functional impairment of platelets or ...