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  • Components for PEM fuel cells: An overview 

    Sivakumar, Pasupathi; Maiyalagan, Thandavarayan (Trans Tech Publications, 2010)
    Fuel cells, as devices for direct conversion of the chemical energy of a fuel into electricity by electrochemical reactions, are among the key enabling technologies for the transition to a hydrogen-based economy. Among ...
  • Synthesis and optimisation of IrO2 electrocatalysts by Adams fusion method for solid polymer electrolyte electrolysers 

    Felix, Cecil; Maiyalagan, Thandavarayan; Sivakumar, Pasupathi; Linkov, Vladimir (Bentham Science Publishers, 2012)
    IrO2 as an anodic electrocatalyst for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) electrolysers was synthesised by adapting the Adams fusion method. Optimisation of the IrO2 electrocatalyst was ...