Recent Submissions

  • Planning a dictionary for mother tongue education: a conceptual framework for Gabonese languages 

    Assam, Blanche Nyangone (SUN, 2017)
    The present article is a plea for mother tongue education dictionary projects in Gabonese lexicography. The latter has been in a fast-developing process for the past twenty years and has experienced quite an important crop ...
  • What French for Gabonese French lexicography? 

    Assam, Blanche Nyangone; Ndinga-Koumba-Binza, Hugues Steve; Ompoussa, Virginie (SUN, 2016)
    This paper is a response to Mavoungou (2013a) who has pleaded for the production of a dictionary of Gabonese French as variant B of the French language. The paper intends to comprehend the concept of "Gabonese French". It ...
  • Im Gespräch mit Jose F.A. Oliver - 'viel-stimmig und meer-sprachig'. 

    van Ryneveld, Hannelore (Peter Lang, 2008)
    José Oliver is a multilingual poet of Andalusian descent who writes poetry in German. His first poetry was published in the mid-eighties and his writings were seen as part of migrant literature (also referred to in the ...
  • Das Fach Deutsch an der University of the Western Cape 

    van Ryneveld, Hannelore; Mentzner, Martina (Association of German Studies (SAGV), 2010)
    The current challenges facing the teaching of German as a foreign language at the University of the Western Cape are outlined. The article includes a brief historical overview and proposes research perspectives for the future.
  • Writing from the margins - and beyond 

    van Ryneveld, Hannelore (Association for the Study of Religion in Southern Africa, 2006)
    In 1987 José F. A. Oliver published his first poetry volume Auf-Bruch in Germany. His standing as a German-speaking poet from Spanish-Andalusian stock was linked to the Gastarbeiterliteratur, or migrant worker literature ...