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  • Final Report 

    Cousins, Ben; Alcock, Rauri; Aliber, Michael; Geraci, Marisia; Losch, Bruno; Mayson, David; de Satgé, Rick (GTAC, 2020-03-31)
    This study focuses on the potential contribution of redistributive land reform to employment creation. Can land redistribution be undertaken in a manner that also creates jobs, and if so, through which types of land use ...
  • Livestock production 

    Alcock, Rauri; Geraci, Marisia (GTAC, 2020-03-31)
    This paper is a thematic study for livestock production by smallholders and small-scale black commercial farmers in South Africa. Its aim is to identify the potential for successful expansion of the number of such farmers ...
  • Municipal Case Study: Inkosi Langalibalele Local Municipality KwaZulu – Natal 

    Alcock, Rauri; Geraci, Marisia; Cousins, Ben (2020-03-31)
    This report presents a case study of Inkosi Local Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal. The goal of the report is to examine the employment creation potential of land redistribution in Inkosi Langalibalele, and its cost. The ...