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  • KPD 0629–0016, a slowly pulsating hot subdwarf star 

    Koen, Chris; Green, E.M. (Oxford University Press, 2007)
    The results of nine CCD photometric observing runs on KPD 0629–0016 are presented. During six of the runs measurements were obtained alternately through B and V filters. Four periodicities, for which there is good agreement ...
  • PG 0907+123 and JL 194: slowly pulsating hot subdwarf stars 

    Koen, Chris; Green, E.M. (Oxford University Press, 2010)
    Multicolour time-series photometry of two newly discovered slowly pulsating sdB stars (V1093 Her stars, also known as PG 1716 stars) is described. Both stars are fairly bright and appear, from the limited amount of data, ...