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  • Old ideas: wisdom, virtue and moral formation 

    Lawrie, Douglas G. (Stellenbosch University, 2013)
    The wisdom writings of the Old Testament may be regarded as largely a repository of ‘old ideas’ that were preserved across cultures and ages because they generally served human life. To study the material from this angle, ...
  • Rhetorical appeal and the uncertainty of hope 

    Lawrie, Douglas G. (Stellenbosch University, 2013)
    The article examines an article that Dirk Smit wrote about rhetoric and theology against the background of other of his articles, particularly about the Confession of Belhar. It argues that Smit’s article is “judiciously ...
  • Where is wisdom to be found – now that we have stopped looking for it? 

    Lawrie, Douglas G. (SUN, 2017)
    Ancient scribal culture had two faces. After arduous and largely impractical training, scribes were admitted to an elite circle and became custodians of a cultural tradition. But scribal teachers were also credited with ...