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  • Eastern Cape Bloodlines I: Assembling the Human 

    Rousseau, Nicky (Taylor & Francis, 2016)
    This is an article less about red as installation, colour or symbol, and more about assembly.1 I have used Red, the installation by Simon Gush, as provocation to think of exhumation, its work and processes of ...
  • Missing and missed: Rehumanisation, the nation and missing-ness 

    Rousseau, Nicky; Moosage, Riedwaan; Rassool, Ciraj (University of the Western Cape, 2018)
    The bringing together of two lines of research that have previously been treated separately – namely the missing/missed body of apartheid-era atrocities and the racialised body of the colonial museum – animates this issue ...
  • Speak out on poverty: Hearing, inaudibility, and citizenship in post-apartheid South Africa 

    Rousseau, Nicky (WILEY, 2019)
    In 1998, Speak Out on Poverty held hearings across South Africa shortly after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) completed eighteen months of highly publicized, nationwide hearings at which victims testified. ...