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  • Nutrition management in the adult Crohn's disease patient 

    Basson, Abigail (MedPharm Publications, 2012)
    Malnutrition, nutrient deficiencies and osteoporosis are common in Crohn’s disease patients regardless of disease activity. While the role of diet in the pathogenesis of the disease remains inconclusive, upon diagnosis ...
  • Nutritional management after colonic interposition 

    Basson, Abigail (MedPharm Publications, 2011)
    During oesophagal reconstruction adequate nutrition must be maintained. The article provides an account of the feeding programme and procedures followed in the case of a patient that had an emergency gastrectomy, splenectomy ...
  • Vitamin D and Crohn’s disease in the adult patient: a review 

    Basson, Abigail (SAGE Publications, 2014)
    Crohn’s disease (CD) is characterized as a chronic immune-mediated inflammatory disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. Current consensus surrounding the cause of the disease suggests a complex interplay between genetic ...