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  • Aftercare to chemically addicted adolescents: An exploration of their needs 

    van der Westhuizen, Marichen; Assim, H; Alpaslan, Nicky; de Jager, Mariana (OASIS, 2013)
    Treatment of chemical addiction includes preparation for treatment, formal treatment and aftercare. The latter appears to be a neglected area in service delivery to chemically addicted adolescents, contributing to the ...
  • Caregivers' perceptions of desensitisation among sexually abused children 

    Grobbelaar, Riaan; de Jager, Mariana (South African Society on the Abuse of Children (SAPSAC), 2013)
    Children react differently to the traumatic experience of sexual abuse. Some children develop symptomatic behaviours associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, such as apathy, which may be misinterpreted as desensitisation. ...
  • An exploration of learning styles used by social work students: a systematic review 

    Frantz, Jose M.; Roman, Nicolette V.; de Jager, Mariana (UNISA Press, 2017)
    Social work educators are faced with the challenge of ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. However, to be effective social work educators, the educator ...