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  • Bjatladi community restitution claim 

    Tilley, Susan; Lahiff, Edward (PLAAS, University of the Western Cape, 2007-08)
    This report focuses on the restitution case of the Bjatladi Communal Property Association (CPA) and the development and use of the land that has been restored to it in terms of the restitution programme. It examines ...
  • Black hole - galaxy correlations without self-regulation 

    Angles-Alcazar, Daniel; Ozel, Feryal; Dave, Romeel (American Astronomical Society, 2013)
    Recent models of black hole growth in a cosmological context have forwarded a paradigm in which the growth is self-regulated by feedback from the black hole itself. Here we use cosmological zoom simulations of galaxy formation ...
  • Blogging to enhance reflective and collaborative learning 

    Fakude, Lorraine (AFAHPER-SD, 2014)
    This study explored the educational benefit and value of blogging by postgraduate nursing students registered for Masters in Nursing Education in order to become professional nurse educators. The researcher assumed that ...
  • Blogs, wikis, podcasts: harnessing technology for enhanced learning achievement through powerful web tools 

    Mapuva, Jephias; Stoltenkamp, Juliet; Muyengwa, Loveness (DonEl Learning Inc., 2010)
    Technology and the employment of etools within the education domain have brought about unprecedented impact on educational deliverables and deliverances. Teaching and learning have equally been enhanced. Learning theorists ...
  • Blood pressure gradients and cardiovascular risk factors in urban and rural populations in Abia State South Eastern Nigeria using the WHO STEPwise approach 

    Okpechi, Ikechi Gareth; Chukwuonye, Innocent Ijezie; Tiffin, Nicki; Madukwe, Okechukwu Ojoemelam; Onyeonoro, Ugochukwu Uchenna; Umeizudike, Theophilus Ifeanyichukwu; Ogah, Okechukwu Samuel; Onyeonoro, Ugochukwu Uchenna (Public Library of Science, 2013)
    Background: Developing countries of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) face a double burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and communicable diseases. As high blood pressure (BP) is a common global cardiovascular (CV) disorder ...
  • Body image satisfaction among a sample of black female South African students 

    Mwaba, Kelvin; Roman, Nicolette V. (Society for Personality Research (Inc.), 2009)
    Numerous research studies have established a strong relationship between body dissatisfaction and eating disorders. As more and more young people in South Africa embrace Western values, the aspiration to attain the Western ...
  • The body unbound: ritual scarification and autobiographical forms in Wole Soyinka’s Aké: the years of childhood 

    Moolla, Fiona F. (Sage Publications, 2012)
    The scarification in Aké is invested with major significance apropos Soyinka’s ideas on African subjectivity. Scarification among the Yoruba is one of the rites of passage associated with personal development. Scarification ...
  • The Boer and the jackal: Satire and resistance in Khoi orature 

    Wittenberg, Hermann (University of the Western Cape, 2014)
    Bushman narratives have been the subject of a large volume of scholarly and popular studies, particularly publications that have engaged with the Bleek and Lloyd archive. Khoi story-telling has attracted much less attention. ...
  • Bonding of acrylic denture teeth to resin denture bases 

    Geerts, G.A.V.M.; Stuhlinger, M.E. (South African Dental Association, 2012)
    Anterior teeth debonding from dentures is a common prob­ lem. This study tested the bond strength of denture teeth to two types of denture res1n, with and without grooving the ridge-lap surface. Bond strength and fracture ...
  • Book review: estimating groundwater recharge 

    Xu, Yongxin (Springer Verlag, 2011)
  • Book Review: Judith Still, Derrida and Hospitality: theory and practice 

    De Ville, Jacques (Edinburgh University Press, 2013)
    A book review of Judith Still, Derrida and Hospitality: theory and practice, (Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2010), 294 pp. ISBN 978-0-7486-4027-0
  • Book Review: Textbook of Global Health by A-E. Birn, Y. Pillay and T.H. Holtz 

    Schneider, Helen (Health and Medical Publishing Group, 2017)
    Coinciding with a renewed focus on health needs and disease in the global south, the Millennium Development Goal era saw the emergence and widespread use of the term ‘global health’. The term has been associated with ...
  • Book review: urban geology 

    Xu, Yongxin (Springer Verlag, 2012)
  • Border crossings in the African travel narratives of Ibn Battuta, Richard Burton and Paul Theroux 

    Moolla, Fiona F. (Taylor & Francis, 2012)
    This article compares the representation of African borders in the 14th-century travelogue of Ibn Battuta, the 19th-century travel narrative of Richard Burton and the 21st-century travel writing of Paul Theroux. It ...
  • Borehole dilution experiment in a Karoo aquifer in Bloemfontein 

    Xu, Yongxin; van Tonder, Gerrit J.; van Wyk, B.; van Wyk, E.; Aleobua, B. (Water Research Commission, 1997)
    This paper shows that a borehole dilution experiment using common salt is a useful technique for better understanding of some hydrogeological features of a fractured aquifer. A sense of such tracer experiments was performed ...
  • A bridge over the computer science graduate skill gap 

    Blignaut, Renette; Venter, Isabella M.; Renaud, Karen (2013)
    Universities are increasingly required to respond to the ever evolving needs of an ever more sophisticated and globalised workplace, which requires well-rounded workers with more than mere technical knowledge. Employers ...
  • Bridging communications across the digital divide 

    Blake, Edwin H.; Tucker, William David (CTIT, 2004)
    Connecting people across the Digital Divide is as much a social effort as a technological one. We are developing a community-centered approach to learn how interaction techniques can compensate for poor communication across ...
  • Browser-based sign language communication 

    Wang, Yuan Yuan; Tucker, William David (Telkom, 2010)
    This paper describes the design and evaluation of two browser-based video communication prototypes that support sign language communication between Deaf people. The research explores combinations of technologies, protocols ...
  • Browser-based video communication for deaf people 

    Wang, Yuan Yuan; Tucker, William David (Telkom, 2009)
    This paper describes work in progress to to provide browser-based sign language communication for deaf users. The paper introduces the communication requirements for a disadvantaged Deaf community in Cape Town, describes ...
  • Building an evolving method and materials for teaching legal writing in large classes 

    Clarence, Sherran; Mwambene, Lea; Albertus, Latiefa (Springer, 2014)
    In South Africa and in other parts of the world, many professions are bemoaning the poor ability of many graduates to communicate their skills and knowledge effectively once they enter the workplace. Increasingly, pressure ...