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  • Accidental feminists? Recent histories of South African women 

    van der Spuy, Patricia; Clowes, Lindsay (History Department, University of the Western Cape, 2007)
    This article reviews Helen Scanlon's book, "Representation and reality", and Nombonisa Gasa's "Women in South African history", and locates each against the historiography of South African women's history
  • Sara's suicide: History and the representational limit 

    Lalu, Premesh (University of the Western Cape, 2000)
    This paper deals with cognitive failures and historiographical blind spots in legal and historical representations of the colonised subject. It concerns an archival fragment from the seventeenth century - the suicide of a ...
  • When was South African history ever postcolonial? 

    Lalu, Premesh (History Department, UWC, 2008)
    In this article I argue that what enabled affiliation to the larger political project against apartheid was precisely the production of a subject that was always, and necessarily, threaded through a structure of racial ...