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  • Inorganic ions in leonotis leonurus extract do not explain changes in isolated Wistar rat heart function 

    Burger, Andries; Mugabo, Pierre; Henkel, Ralf; Green, Ivan (Open Access Science Research Publisher, 2011)
    Leonotis leonurus (L. leonurus) R. Br (Lamiaceae) is used by healers in South Africa. The present study was conducted to determine if the L. leonurus effect on isolated rat heart is due to ionic changes in the perfusion fluid.
  • Use of antibacterial nanoparticles in Endodontics 

    Ibrahim, A. I. O.; Moodley, Desi; Petrik, Leslie; Patel, Naren (South African Dental Association (SADA), 2017)
    Several root canal irrigants and medicaments are available to combat endodontic pathogens. However, evidence of complete elimination of these pathogens by the use of these solutions is not recorded in the literature. ...