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    • An assessment of the age reporting in Tanzania population census 

      Mwambene, Eric; Appunni, Sathiya Susuman; Hamisi, Hamisi F.; Lougue, Siaka; Regassa, Nigatu; Ogujiuba, Kanayo (Academic Research Publishing, 2012)
      The objective of this paper is to provide data users with a worldwide assessment of the age reporting in the Tanzania Population Census 2012 data. Many demographic and socio-economic data are age-sex attributed. However, ...
    • Codes from adjacency matrices of uniform subset graphs 

      Fish, W.; Key, J. D.; Mwambene, Eric (Springer, 2017)
      Studies of the p-ary codes from the adjacency matrices of uniform subset graphs Γ(n,k,r)Γ(n,k,r) and their reflexive associates have shown that a particular family of codes defined on the subsets are intimately related ...
    • Self-similarity of human protein interaction networks: a novel strategy of distinguishing proteins 

      Fadhal, Emad; Gamieldien, Junaid; Mwambene, Eric (2015)
      The successful determination of reliable protein interaction networks (PINs) in several species in the post-genomic era has hitherto facilitated the quest to understanding systems and structural properties of such networks. ...