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  • Measuring redshift-space distortion with future SKA surveys 

    Raccanelli, Alvise; Bull, Philip; Camera, Stefano; Bacon, David; Blake, Chris; Dore, Olivier; Ferreira, Pedro G.; Maartens, Roy; Santos, Mario G.; Viel, Matteo; Zhao, Gong-Bo (Proceedings of Science, 2014)
    The peculiar motion of galaxies can be a particularly sensitive probe of gravitational collapse. As such, it can be used to measure the dynamics of dark matter and dark energy as well the nature of the gravitational laws ...
  • Testing foundations of modern cosmology with SKA all-sky surveys 

    Schwarz, Dominik J.; Bacon, David; Chen, Song; Clarkson, Chris; Huterer, Dragan; Kunz, Martin; Maartens, Roy; Raccanelli, Alvise; Rubart, Matthias; Starck, Jean-Luc (Proceedings of Science, 2014)
    Continuum and HI surveys with the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will allow us to probe some of the most fundamental assumptions of modern cosmology, including the Cosmological Principle. SKA all-sky surveys will map an ...