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  • An IP based multimodal semi-synchronous rural telehealth service: Adding video messaging and conferencing to MuTI 

    Vuza, Xolisa; Tucker, William David (Telkom, 2004)
    We intend adding video messaging and conferencing to Multimodal Telemedicine Intecommunicator (MuTI), a previous system that has already been in place in the target environment. This is to allow a semi-synchronous communication ...
  • MUTI Telehealth 

    Tucker, William David; Vuza, Xolisa; Chetty, Marshini; Blake, Edwin H.; Marsden, Gary; Pearson, Murray; Westerveld, Rudi (2007)
    For four years we have been iteratively evolving MUTI, a rural telehealth system, for hospitals and clinics in a remote rural part of the Eastern Cape in South Africa (Chetty, 2005; Chetty et al., 2003, 2004a; Maunder et ...