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  • Correction to: Effects of early feeding on growth velocity and overweight/obesity in a cohort of HIV unexposed South African infants and children 

    Ramokolo, Vundli; Lombard, Carl; Chhagan, Meera; Engebretsen, Ingunn M.S.; Doherty, Tanya; Goga, Ameena; Fadnes, Lars Thore; Zembe, Wanga; Jackson, Debra; Van den Broeck, Jan (BioMed Central, 2017)
    After publication of this article [1] it was brought to our attention that there were errors in the text under the heading ‘Data cleaning’, and in Table 3. The corrected text and updated Table 3 are given in this erratum.
  • Determinants of obesity in an urban township of South Africa 

    Puoane, Thandi (MedPharm Publications, 2008)
    OBJECTIVE: To estimate the prevalence of overweight and obesity, and identify factors associated with Body Mass Index (BMI) and waist circumference (WC) among adults residing in an urban township in South Africa. DESIGN: ...
  • Estimating the burden of disease attributable to excess body weight in South Africa in 2000 

    Joubert, Jane; Puoane, Thandi (South African Medical Association, 2007)
    OBJECTIVE: To estimate the burden of disease attributable to excess body weight using the body mass index (BMI), by age and sex, in South Africa in 2000. DESIGN: World Health Organization comparative risk assessment ...
  • Monitoring the impacts of trade agreements on food environments 

    Friel, S.; Hattersley, L.; Sanders, David; Snowdon, W.; Thow, A. M.; Lobstein, T.; Barquera, S.; Mohan, S.; Hawkes, Corinna; Kelly, B.; Kumanyika, S.; L’Abbe, M.; Lee, A.; Ma, J.; Macmullan, J.; Monteiro, Carlos; Neal, B.; Rayner, M.; Sacks, G.; Swinburn, B.; Vandevijvere, S.; C. Walker, C. (John Wiley & Sons, 2013)
    The liberalization of international trade and foreign direct investment through multilateral, regional and bilateral agreements has had profound implications for the structure and nature of food systems, and therefore, ...
  • Obesity among black South African women 

    Puoane, Thandi; Hughes, Gail; Bradley, Hazel A. (Kamla-Raj Enterprises, 2005)
    Obesity and associated non-communicable diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and ischaemic heart disease were previously thought to be diseases of affluent countries, but they are becoming increasingly prevalent ...
  • Obesity in South Africa: Challenges for government and health professionals 

    Kruger, Salome H; Puoane, Thandi; Senekal, Marjanne; Van Der Merwe, Theresa M (Nutrition Society, 2005)
    OBJECTIVES: To review data on the prevalence, causes and health consequences of obesity in South Africa and propose interventions to prevent and treat obesity and related outcomes. METHODS: Data from existing literature ...
  • Obesity in South Africa: The South African Demographic and Health Survey 

    Puoane, Thandi; Steyn, Krisela; Bradshaw, Debbie; Laubscher, Ria; Fourie, Jean; Lambert, Vicki; Mbanangwa, Nolwazi (Nature Publishing Group, 2002)
    To ascertain the anthropometric profile and determinants of obesity in South Africans who participated in the Demographic and Health Survey in 1998. RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES: A sample of 13,089 men and women (age, ...
  • Perceptions about body image and sizes among Black African girls living in Cape Town 

    Puoane, Thandi; Tsolekile, Lungiswa; Steyn, Nelia (International Society on Hypertension in Blacks, 2010)
    OBJECTIVE: To assess beliefs about body size (fatness and thinness) and body image in Black girls aged 10–18 years living in Cape Town. DESIGN: Exploratory using qualitative methods. SETTING: Cape Town, South Africa. METHOD: ...
  • Perceptions of body size and its association with HIV/AIDS 

    Matoti-Mvalo, Tandi; Puoane, Thandi (MedPharm Publications, 2011)
    OBJECTIVE: To explore the perception among black South African women that people who are thin are infected with HIV or have AIDS. SETTING: Khayelitsha, an urban township in Cape Town. SUBJECTS: 513 women aged 18-65 ...
  • Perceptions of body size, obesity threat and the willingness to lose weight among black South African adults: a qualitative study 

    Okop, Kufre Joseph; Mukumbang, Ferdinand C.; Mathole, Thubelihle; Levitt, Naomi; Puoane, Thandi (BioMed Central, 2016)
    BACKGROUND: The obesity epidemic is associated with rising rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD) among adults, particularly in countries undergoing rapid urbanisation and nutrition transition. This study explored the ...
  • Protocol for systematic review of school-based interventions to prevent and control obesity in African learners 

    Adom, Theodosia; Puoane, Thandi; De Villiers, Anniza; Kengne, Andre Pascal (BMJ Publishing Group, 2017)
    INTRODUCTION: The increasing prevalence of obesity and overweight in childhood in developing countries is a public health concern to many governments. Schools play a significant role in the obesity epidemic as well as ...
  • Socio-cultural, environmental and behavioural determinants of obesity in black South African women 

    Micklesfield, Lisa K.; Lambert, Estelle V.; Puoane, Thandi; Hume, David J.; Chantler, Sarah; Pienaar, Paula R.; Dickie, Kasha; Goedecke, Julia H. (Clinics Cardive Publishing (Pty) Ltd, 2013)
    South Africa (SA) is undergoing a rapid epidemiological transition and has the highest prevalence of obesity in sub- Saharan Africa (SSA), with black women being the most affected (obesity prevalence 31.8%). Although ...