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  • Efficient molecular cloning of environmental DNA from geothermal sediments 

    Wilkinson, Dianne E.; Jaenicke, Thomas; Cowan, Donald A. (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002)
    An efficient and simple method for constructing an environmental library using mechanically sheared DNA obtained directly from geothermal sediments is presented. The method is based on blunt-end modification of DNA fragments ...
  • Metagenomics, gene discovery and the ideal biocatalyst 

    Cowan, Donald A.; Arslanoglu, A.; Burton, Stephanie G.; Cameron, Rory A.; Baker, Gillian; Smith, Jacques J.; Meyer, Quinton (Portland Press, 2004)
    With the rapid development of powerful protein evolution and enzyme-screening technologies, there is a growing belief that optimum conditions for biotransformation processes can be established without the constraints of ...
  • Virome assembly and annotation: A surprise in the Namib Desert 

    Hesse, Uljana; Van Heusden, Peter; Kirby, Bronwyn; Olonade, Israel; van Zyl, Leonardo Joaquim; Trindade, Marla (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2017)
    Sequencing, assembly, and annotation of environmental virome samples is challenging. Methodological biases and differences in species abundance result in fragmentary read coverage; sequence reconstruction is further ...