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  • Collective efficacy and HIV Prevention in South African Townships 

    Cain, Demetria; Pitpitan, Eileen V.; Mwaba, Kelvin; Eaton, Lisa; Carey, Kate B.; Carey, Michael P.; Mehlomakulu, Vuyelwa; Harel, Ofer; Simbayi, Leickness C.; Kalichman, Seth C. (National Institute of Health, 2013)
    South African townships have high HIV prevalence and a strong need for collective action to change normative sexual risk behaviors. This study investigated the relationship between perceptions of individuals about ...
  • No one knows what will happen after these five years': narratives of ART, access and agency in Nigeria 

    Omenka, Charity; Zarowski, Christina (Sage Publications, 2013)
    Rural Nigerians pursue a range of strategies to maximize current and future access to HIV treatment in the context of securing livelihoods and minimizing the social and economic risks of stigma. This study reports on ...