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  • Liberation pedagogy in the South African Context 

    Alexander, Neville (Skotaville Publishers, 1990)
    We have arrived at a time to reflect on what has been done in the field of education for liberation, alternative education or People’s Education during the last few years. We have to analyse and theorise our experience in ...
  • New challenges and opportunities for lifelong learning in South Africa 

    Walters, Shirley (Taylor and Francis Ltd, United Kingdom, 1999-06-28)
    The imperatives for lifelong learning in South Africa are driven by its reinsertion into the global economy and by the social and political necessities of equity and redress after the years of colonialism, segregation and ...
  • Worker education in South Africa: Lessons and contradictions 

    Vally, Salim; Bofelo, Mphutlane; Treat, John (All Rights Reserved © Faculty of Education, McGill University, 2013, 2013)
    Worker education played a crucial role in the development of the trade union movement in South Africa and in the broader struggle for social transformation. This article reviews key moments and dynamics in the trajectory ...