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  • The African Union and its sub-regional structures 

    Gottschalk, Keith (Adonis & Abbey Publishers, 2012)
    After seven decades of episodic existence through conferences, the Pan-African project became permanently institutionalised with the founding of the Organisation of African Unity in 1963, with a qualitative upgrade into ...
  • Pan-African initiatives in global governance 

    Gottschalk, Keith (2013)
    As recently as 2009, a five hundred page textbook on international relations did not even mention the African Union in its index. The same applied to the Wikipedia entry on international organizations until a colleague of ...
  • Some aspects of South Africa’s foreign policy on the civil wars in Côte D’Ivoire, Libya, and Mali 

    Gottschalk, Keith (2013)
    During the 1960s, intervention in Africa by both the UNO and former colonial powers such as France was imposed on Africans. After half a century, Pan-Africanists have started to challenge, sometimes successfully, sometimes ...