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  • A model of population dynamics of TB in a prison system and application to South Africa 

    Witbooi, Peter J.; Vyambwera, Sibaliwe Maku (BioMed Central, 2017)
    BACKGROUND: Tuberculosis (TB) continues to spread in South African prisons in particular, as prisons are over-capacitated and have poor ventilation. The awaiting trial detainees are not screened on admission and are at ...
  • A stochastic TB model for a crowded environment 

    Vyambwera, Sibaliwe Maku; Witbooi, Peter (Hindawi, 2018)
    We propose a stochastic compartmental model for the population dynamics of tuberculosis. The model is applicable to crowded environments such as for people in high density camps or in prisons. We start off with a known ...