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  • Community response: decline of the Chambo in Lake Malawi's Southeast arm 

    Hara, Mafaniso (Springer, 2011)
    Small-scale fisheries are a major source of food and employment around the world. Yet, many small-scale fishers work in conditions that are neither safe nor secure. Millions of them are poor, and often they are socially ...
  • Policy options for land reform in South Africa: New institutional mechanisms? 

    Cliffe, Lionel (PLAAS, University of the Western Cape, 2007-10)
    Since the 2005 Land Summit, new approaches to land reform have been on the agenda, yet there remains little clarity on the way forward. The main focus has been on means of accelerating the redistribution of land through ...
  • Reshaping women’s land rights on communal rangeland 

    Kleinbooi, Karin (National Inquiry Services Centre (NISC) (Pty) Ltd, 2013)
    This paper aims to contribute to the debates on communal rangelands and analyses the gendered dimension of land rights and land access in the rural areas of Namaqualand. The actual gender relations within rural communities ...