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    • Rare fungal species isolated from Libyan diabetic patients 

      Esmaio, Mustafa; Abrantes, Pedro Miguel dos Santos; Africa, Charlene W.J. (Infection Control Africa Network (ICAN), 2016)
      BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The emerging resistance of Candida species to antifungals routinely used to treat candidiasis in HIV patients and in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) has resulted in the frequent isolation ...
    • Real-time assessment of Candida biofilm formation 

      Abrantes, Pedro Miguel dos Santos; Behardien, Kauthar; Africa, Charlene Wilma Joyce (Elsevier, 2021-09)
      Background: Candida infections are responsible for increased morbidity and mortality in immunocompromised patients, particularly when the Candida biofilm is composed of drug-resistant species. Although the biofilm formation ...
    • Vitek characterisation of type 2 diabetes-associated Candida species 

      Esmaio, Mustafa Hassan Mustafa; Abrantes, Pedro Miguel dos Santos; Africa, Charlene Wilma Joyce (Elsevier, 2017)
      Background: Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) predisposes patients to opportunistic infections, such as invasive candidiasis. Treatment of candidiasis is challenged by the emerging resistance of Candida species. In this ...