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  • Plantation, outgrower and medium-scale commercial farming in Ghana: which model provides better prospects for local development? 

    Dzifa Torvikey, Gertrude; Awetori Yaro, Joseph; Kofi Teye, Joseph (Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies, University of the Western Cape and Future Agricultures Consortium, 2016)
    African governments are making important policy choices in their quest to modernise agriculture, with some promoting largescale farming on plantations while others promote small- or medium-scale commercial farming.
  • Policy options for land reform in South Africa: New institutional mechanisms? 

    Cliffe, Lionel (PLAAS, University of the Western Cape, 2007-10)
    Since the 2005 Land Summit, new approaches to land reform have been on the agenda, yet there remains little clarity on the way forward. The main focus has been on means of accelerating the redistribution of land through ...
  • Tribal land administration in Botswana 

    White, Richard (PLAAS, University of the Western Cape, 2009-11)
    Decentralising the administration of communally-owned land to a local system in Botswana was a sound objective and could be pursued elsewhere in the region. Yet, despite Botswana having grappled relatively successfully ...