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  • A Societal Responsibility : The role of civil society organisations in prisoner support, rehabilitation and reintegration 

    Muntingh, Lukas (Institute for Security Studies and the Community Law Centre, University of the Western Cape, 2008)
    Civil society organisations play a key role in assisting prisoners and ex-prisoners to reintegrate into society and may at present render the bulk of such services. It is especially in respect of post-release support ...
  • Socio-Economic Rights in South Africa: A resource book 

    Khoza, Sibonile (Community Law Centre, University of the Western Cape, 2007)
    Socio-economic rights are those rights that give people access to certain basic needs necessary for human beings to lead a dignified life. Government and, in certain circumstances, private individuals and bodies, can be ...
  • Training for police on the Domestic Violence Act 

    Combrinck, Helene; Wakefield, Lorenzo (Community Law Centre, University of the Western Cape, 2009)
    The inadequate or inappropriate police responses to domestic violence often result from a lack of knowledge of the Domestic Violence Act (DVA) and the National Instruction or from a misinterpretation of the DVA’s provisions. ...