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  • Cavity preparation using hard tissue lasers in operative dentistry 

    Karic, Vesna; Mulder, Riaan; Melman, Geoffrey (South African Dental Association, 2017)
    A laser is a device that delivers coherent, monochromatic and collimated light as a form of energy. Most dental laser devices emit invisible light in the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. On May 7, 1997, ...
  • Lasers in paediatric dentistry 

    Mulder, Riaan; Karic, Vesna; Melman, Geoffrey (South African Dental Association, 2016)
    Many clinicians will be faced with the un-cooperative paediatric patient presenting at their practices with a “fear of the unknown”. Establishing trust with these patients is essential in order to achieve a productive ...
  • Lasers in periodontics 

    Melman, Geoffrey; Karic, Vesna; Mulder, Riaan (Electronic Doctor (E-Doc) Publishers & SADA, 2017)
    Ablation has been described as the expansive vaporisation of tissue. In periodontal procedures the ablation capacity of the laser can be used for excision and incision of pathology. The Erbium doped lasers can be used ...