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  • Evaluating energy consumption on low-end smartphones 

    Om, Shree; Tucker, William David; Rey-Moreno, Carlos; Erasmus, Zenville (2015)
    The relationship between battery consumption in smartphones and the usage statistics of a phone is direct. Modern smartphones, even low-end, are equipped with multiple wireless technologies, e.g. GSM, 3G, WiFi and ...
  • Investigating battery consumption in low- end smartphones: preliminary results 

    Om, Shree; Tucker, William David; Rey-Moreno, Carlos (International Information Management Corporation, 2017)
    Due to lack of electricity in the rural communities of Africa, users often have to incur extra expense on recharging their mobile phones. The limited battery capacities of low-end smartphones, therefore, present a barrier ...
  • Investigation of a dual-band dual radio indoor mesh testbed 

    Tucker, William David; Om, Shree (2018)
    Scalability of community wireless mesh networks in terms of mesh nodes and mobile end-users along with their anticipated usage profile remains unexplored territory. However, conducting such experiments on a live community ...