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  • Construals of agency in the testimony of Colin de Souza 

    Bock, Zannie (Academia Press, 2009)
    In this paper, I analyse the testimony of Colin de Souza given before South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in the mid-1990s.1 My aim is to explore how De Souza projects an identity of himself as 'agentive', ...
  • Exploring new media technologies among young South African women 

    Lewis, Desiree; Tigist, Shewarega Hussen; van Vuuren, Monique (African Gender Institute, University of Cape Town, 2013)
    This article reflects on how the use of digitised communication and social media among young black South African women can be situated and assessed within the current context. The authors focus especially on nuanced ...
  • Towards an approach to development as mission: the category of personhood as addressed by Amartya Sen? 

    Klaasen, John S. (Stellenbosch University, 2014)
    This paper is concerned with the role of personhood in development. I will be looking at the extent to which the influential model of development proposed by Amartya Sen does justice to the category of personhood. I will ...