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  • Constraints on anisotropic cosmic expansion from supernovae 

    Kalus, Benedict; Schwarz, Dominik J.; Seikel, Marina; Wiegand, Alexander (Edp Sciences, 2013)
    AIMS. We test the isotropy of the expansion of the Universe by estimating the hemispherical anisotropy of supernova type Ia (SN Ia) Hubble diagrams at low redshifts (z < 0.2). METHODS. We compare the best fit Hubble ...
  • Null tests of the cosmological constant using supernovae 

    Yahya, Sahba; Seikel, Marina; Clarkson, Chris; Maartens, Roy; Smith, Mathew (American Physical Society, 2014)
    The standard concordance model of the Universe is based on the cosmological constant as the driver of accelerating expansion. This concordance model is being subjected to a growing range of inter-locking observations. ...