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  • Autosomal recessive congenital cataract in captive-bred vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus aethiops) 

    Magwebu, Zandisiwe E.; Abdul-Rasool, Sahar; Seier, Jurgen V.; Chauke, Chesa G. (Wiley, 2018)
    BACKGROUND: The aim of the study was to evaluate the genetic predisposition of congenital cataract in a colony of captive-bred vervet monkeys. METHODS: Four congenital cataract genes: glucosaminyl (N-acetyl) transferase ...
  • Understanding human coronavirus HCoV-NL63 

    Abdul-Rasool, Sahar; Fielding, Burtram C. (Bentham Science, 2010)
    Even though coronavirus infection of humans is not normally associated with severe diseases, the identification of the coronavirus responsible for the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome showed that highly ...