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  • Exclusive breastfeeding promotion by peer counsellors in sub-Saharan Africa (PROMISE-EBF): a cluster-randomised trial 

    Tylleskar, Thorkild; Jackson, Debra; Meda, Nicolas; Ingrebetsen, Ingunn Marie S; Chopra, Mickey; Diallo, Abdoulaye Hama; Doherty, Tanya M.; Ekström, Eva-Charlotte; Fadnes, Lars T; Goga, Ameena; Kankasa, Chipepo; Klungsøyr, Jørn I; Lombard, Carl; Nankabirwa, Victoria; Nankunda, Jolly K; Van de Perre, Philippe; Sanders, David; Shanmugam, Rebecca; Sommerfelt, Halvor; Wamani, Henry; Tumwine, James K; PROMISE-EBF Study Group (Elsevier, 2011)
    Background: Exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) is reported to be a life-saving intervention in low-income settings. The effect of breastfeeding counselling by peer counsellors was assessed in Africa. Methods:24 communities ...
  • Exploring and curbing the effects of HIV/AIDS on elderly people in Uganda 

    Nankwanga, Annet; Phillips, Julie; Neema, Stella (Faculty of Community and Health Sciences, University of the Western Cape, 2009)
    Introduction: This paper presents HIV/AIDS experiences of elderly persons in Uganda as revealed by an ongoing descriptive cross-sectional study covering eight districts, namely: Pallisa, Kampala, Jinja, Lira, Nebbi, Ntungamo, ...
  • Perceived constraints to physical activity among students at paramedical institutions in Uganda 

    Nizeamana, E.; Phillips, Julie (LAM Publications Limited, 2006)
    In the developing world, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa, physical inactivity along with tobacco use, poor diet and nutrition are increasingly parts of today’s lifestyle. The aim of this study was to assess the levels of ...