Metal hydride – Graphene composites for hydrogen based energy storage rights and content
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Ni/graphene composite was prepared via co-reduction of graphite oxide and Ni(II) salts.

Ni/graphene composite contains uniformly distributed and nanosized Ni clusters.

Ni/graphene improves H2 storage performance of Mg-based alloys composites.

MH-graphene composites enhance the efficiency of H2 storage and compression.

MH-Ni(OH)2-graphene composites show advance performance as electrodes of Ni-MH batteries.


The paper presents a review of the authors’ studies of advanced functional composites of graphene based materials with metals, alloys, intermetallic compounds and their hydrides, and on the creation on their basis of hydrogen-storage materials for a compact and safe hydrogen storage, electrode materials for nickel-metal hydride batteries, highly efficient catalysts for the hydrogenation of metals and organic compounds as well as their integration into the hydrogen energy systems for the backup electric power and for the H-based energy storage.


Hydrogen storage
Hydrogen energy