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    • Santu Mofokeng, photographs: 'the violence is in the knowing' 

      Hayes, Patricia (Wiley - Blackwell Publishing, 2009)
      Born in 1956, Santu Mofokeng formed part of the Afrapix Collective that engaged in exposé and documentary photography of anti-apartheid resistance and social conditions during the 1980s in South Africa. However, Mofokeng ...
    • The political sublime: reading Kok Nam, Mozambican photographer (1939-2012) 

      Assubuji, Rui; Hayes, Patricia (University of the Western Cape, 2013)
      Kok Nam began his photographic career at Studio Focus in Lourenço Marques in the 1950s, graduated to the newspaper Notícias and joined Tempo magazine in the early 1970s. Most recently he worked at the journal Savana as a ...