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    • Collective efficacy and HIV Prevention in South African Townships 

      Cain, Demetria; Pitpitan, Eileen V.; Mwaba, Kelvin; Eaton, Lisa; Carey, Kate B.; Carey, Michael P.; Mehlomakulu, Vuyelwa; Harel, Ofer; Simbayi, Leickness; Kalichman, Seth C. (National Institute of Health, 2013)
      South African townships have high HIV prevalence and a strong need for collective action to change normative sexual risk behaviors. This study investigated the relationship between perceptions of individuals about ...
    • Randomized community-level HIV prevention intervention trial for men who drink in South African alcohol-serving venues 

      Kalichman, Seth C.; Simbayi, Leickness; Cain, Demetria; Carey, Kate B.; Carey, Michael P.; Eaton, Lisa; Harel, Ofer; Mehlomakulu, Vuyelwa; Mwaba, Kelvin (2013)
      South African alcohol-serving establishments (i.e., shebeens) offer unique opportunities to reduce HIV risks among men who drink. Purpose: To test an individual- and a social structural-level HIV prevention intervention ...