UWC Research Repository - FAQs

What are the benefits of self archiving?

For individual researchers, there are two main benefits:
1. Maximizing the potential impact of your work through increased reach(see next FAQ)
2. Ensuring secure storage of and accessibility to your electronic files over time.
For UWC, the Repository offers a showcase of the valuable knowledge produced at the institution to interested constituencies prospective staff, students and other stakeholders.

How will readers be led to my work?

The research repository is registered with all the major search engines (including Google) and several academic service providers. The architecture of the r epository is set up to share all its records with these services automatically. Anyone conducting an open Web search that corresponds to the tags attached t o your record will be led to your work. In other words, readers do not have to know about UWCs research repository in order to find your work.

What types of research outputs may be deposited?

Any complete document or image that you would like to be made available worldwide. This is likely to be your best work. Journal articles, conference papers , research reports, book chapters, occasional papers are the most common formats shared in a repository. It is anticipated that in time the Repository will also feature functionality to provide video streaming. Note: It is also possible to upload several different files that are associated with one particular research publication, eg, a document, image, spreadsheet , etc, that collectively represent all data associated with the research. In this way, readers have a richer account of the research.

I have transferred copyright to a journal publisher. Is it legal to deposit copies of files published elsewhere?

Many publishers are content to allow authors to deposit their own versions of research articles on institutional websites. It is easy to discover each journ als policy on self-archiving at http://www.sherpa.ac.uk. If you cant find the policy there, let the Library do the per missions checking for you. Email repository@uwc.ac.za your list of publicatio ns so that the Library may provide intellectual property rights support to ensure that no breach of copyright occurs. You will be advised on the situation f or each item on your publication list.

The item I want to deposit was co-authored with others. What should I do?

Please inform them that you will be depositing the text in an open access repository. Your co-authors should be pleased to learn that more readers will be l ed to their work, that the link to their work is secure and that it will be preserved. Send them the persistent link to the content after its visible.

What may readers do with the files they download?

Each record contains a Rights field which informs the readers of their rights and responsibilities. Open access documents generally may be reproduced, displ ayed and used, and given to third parties in any format or medium for personal research or study, educational, or not-for-profit purposes without prior permi ssion or charge provided:

  • the authors, title and main bibliographic details are given
  • the URL for the original metadata page is given (the handle hyperlink that appears on the abstract page)
  • the content is not changed in any way
  • Files may not be sold commercially in any format or medium without formal permission of the copyright holders
Some files are individually tagged with different rights permissions and conditions

May I submit items that were published before I arrived at UWC?

You arrived at UWC with your publication record and this should be documented fully. If your former institution has a repository service which stores your work, the UWC repository will point to that location for prior publications. If there is no repository to safeguard your earlier work, this should be archived in the UWC Research Repository so that you are able to benefit from the facility. A note may be made of its earlier provenance. In cases where you no longer have digital copies, the Library provides a digitisation service.

Can I withdraw material after its been deposited? Or make changes to files?

Similarly, should you leave UWC, the work associated with your stay will remain in the archive. The primary goal is to preserve the Repository contents indefinitely. Contributors may amend a previous admission with revisions, but will not remove the original item. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal include:
(a) Proven copyright violation or plagiarism
(b) Legal requirements and proven violations
(c) National security
(d) Falsified research

How do I get started?

Register and then email repository@uwc.ac.za the name of the community (dept, school, centre) you belong to and the names of the collection/s to which you would like to submit your work. You will then be authorized to submit files to the collection/s. Download the Quick Submission Guide to read more.