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    • Observation of the 0+ 2 and γ bands in 98Ru, and shape coexistence in the Ru isotopes 

      Garrett, P.E; Makhathini, L.; Bark, R.A; Rodríguez, T.R.; Valbuena, S.; Wirth, H.F.; Vyfers, E.C.; Triambak, S.; Singh, B.; Rebeiro, B.; Orce, J.N; Nzobadila Ondze, J.C.; Ntshangase, S.S.; Ngwetsheni, C.; Mukwevho, N.J.; Mthembu, S.H.; Mehl, C.; Lawrie, E.A; MacLean, A.D.; Leach, K.G; Lawrie, E.A.; R., Kamil; R. Dubey; T. Faestermann; C. Burbadge; T.D. Bucher (Elsevier, 2020)
      Excited states in 98Ru were investigated using γ-ray spectroscopy following the β-decay of 98Rh, and via the 100Ru(p,t) reaction. Combining the results from the two experiments, two states were revised to have spin-parity ...