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    • An interoperable signaling solution between SIP and H.323 

      Jeffries, Michael; Tucker, William David (Telkom, 2001)
      The Session Initiation Protocol and H.323 dominate the Voice over IP world. These signaling protocols are responsible for call setup and call tear down by IP telephony solutions. This project analyses and discusses the ...
    • An Interoperable signaling solution for IP-based Next Generation Networks 

      Jeffries, Michael; Tucker, William David (Telkom, 2000)
      Current VoIP signaling protocols are interoperable with the PSTN SS7 via H.323-to-SS7 or SIP-to-SS7 gateways. As we move toward the Next Generation Network, the PSTN falls away and we work toward carrier-grade VoIP ...
    • Telgo323: an H.323 Bridge for deaf telephony 

      Penton, Jason; Tucker, William David; Glaser, Meryl (Telkom, 2002)
      We have developed a prototype bridge that relays text and speech between Teldem, a text telephone for the Deaf, and a standard telephone or H.323 endpoint. Telgo323 uses modified H.323 media gateways and open source Text ...