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    • Stroke in Africa: Profile, progress, prospects and priorities 

      Akinyemi, R.O.; Ovbiagele, B.; Adeniji, O.A.; Sarfo, F.S.; Ogah O.S.a, k,Naidoo P.l,Damasceno A.m,Walker R.W.a, n, o,Ogunniyi A.a, c,Kalaria R.N.a, d; Adoukonou, T.; Ogah, O.S.; Naidoo, P.; Damasceno, A.; Walker, R.W.; Ogunniyi, A.; Kalaria, R.N.; Abd-Allah, Foad (Spring Nature Limited, 2021)
      Stroke is a leading cause of disability, dementia, and death worldwide. Approximately 70% of deaths from stroke and 87% of stroke-related disabilities occur in low-income and middle-income countries. At the turn of the ...