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    • A typology of fisheries management tools: using experience to catalyse greater success 

      Selig, Elizabeth R; Kleisner, Kristen M; Ahoobim, Oren; Arocha, Freddy; Cruz-Trinidad, Annabelle; Fujita, Rod; Hara, Mafaniso; Katz, Laure; McConney, Patrick; Ratner, Blake D; Saavedra-Dıaz, Lina M; Schwarz, Anna-Maree; Thiao, Djiga; Torell, Elin; Villasante, Sebastian; Troëng, Sebastian (John Wiley & Sons, 2016)
      Fisheries provide nutrition and livelihoods for coastal populations, but many fisheries are fully or over-exploited and we lack an approach for analysing which factors affect management tool performance. We conducted a ...