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    • SCUBA-2 observations of candidate starbursting protoclusters selected by Planck and Herschel-SPIRE 

      Cheng, T; Clements, D L; Greenslade, J; Cairns, J; Andreani, P; Bremer, M; Conversi, L; Cooray, A; Dannerbauer, H; De Zotti, G; Eales, S; González-Nuevo, J; Ibar, E; Leeuw, L; Ma, J; Michałowski, M J; Nayyeri, H; Riechers, D A; Scott, D; Temi, P; Vaccari, M; Valtchanov, I; van Kampen, E; Wang, L (Royal Astronomical Society, 2019)
      We present SCUBA-2 850 μm observations of 13 candidate starbursting protoclusters selected using Planck and Herschel data. The cumulative number counts of the 850 μm sources in 9 of 13 of these candidate protoclusters show ...