Prof. Roy Maartens

Position: SKA / SARChI Professor in Atronomy & Astrophysics
Department: Physics
Faculty: Faculty of Natural Sciences
Qualifications: PhD (Cape Town)
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Publications since 1995
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Recent Submissions

  • Nonlinear modulation of the HI power spectrum on ultra-large scales. I 

    Umeh, Obinna; Maartens, Roy; Santos, Mario G. (IOP Science, 2015)
    Intensity mapping of the neutral hydrogen brightness temperature promises to provide a three-dimensional view of the universe on very large scales. Nonlinear effects are typically thought to alter only the small-scale ...
  • Hunting down horizon-scale effects with multi-wavelength surveys 

    Fonseca, Jose; Camera, Stefano; Santos, Mario G.; Maartens, Roy (American Astronomical Society, 2015)
    Next-generation cosmological surveys will probe ever larger volumes of the universe, including the largest scales, near and beyond the horizon. On these scales, the galaxy power spectrum carries signatures of local primordial ...
  • Probing the imprint of interacting dark energy on very large scales 

    Duniya, Didam, G. A.; Bertacca, Daniele; Maartens, Roy (American Physical Society, 2015)
    The observed galaxy power spectrum acquires relativistic corrections from light-cone effects, and these corrections grow on very large scales. Future galaxy surveys in optical, infrared and radio bands will probe increasingly ...
  • Model-independent constraints on dark energy and modified gravity with the SKA 

    Zhao, Gong-Bo; Bacon, David; Maartens, Roy; Santos, Mario G.; Raccanelli, Alvise (Proceedings of Science, 2014)
    Employing a nonparametric approach of the principal component analysis (PCA), we forecast the future constraint on the equation of state w(z) of dark energy, and on the effective Newton constant m(k; z), which parameterise ...
  • Testing foundations of modern cosmology with SKA all-sky surveys 

    Schwarz, Dominik J.; Bacon, David; Chen, Song; Clarkson, Chris; Huterer, Dragan; Kunz, Martin; Maartens, Roy; Raccanelli, Alvise; Rubart, Matthias; Starck, Jean-Luc (Proceedings of Science, 2014)
    Continuum and HI surveys with the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will allow us to probe some of the most fundamental assumptions of modern cosmology, including the Cosmological Principle. SKA all-sky surveys will map an ...
  • Measuring redshift-space distortion with future SKA surveys 

    Raccanelli, Alvise; Bull, Philip; Camera, Stefano; Bacon, David; Blake, Chris; Dore, Olivier; Ferreira, Pedro G.; Maartens, Roy; Santos, Mario G.; Viel, Matteo; Zhao, Gong-Bo (Proceedings of Science, 2014)
    The peculiar motion of galaxies can be a particularly sensitive probe of gravitational collapse. As such, it can be used to measure the dynamics of dark matter and dark energy as well the nature of the gravitational laws ...
  • Cosmology on the largest scales with the SKA 

    Camera, Stefano; Raccanelli, Alvise; Bull, Philip; Bertacca, Daniele; Chen, Xuelei; Ferreira, Pedro G.; Kunz, Martin; Maartens, Roy; Mao, Yi; Santos, Mario G.; Shapiro, Paul R.; Viel, Matteo; Xug, Yidong (Proceedings of Science, 2014)
    The study of the Universe on ultra-large scales is one of the major science cases for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). The SKA will be able to probe a vast volume of the cosmos, thus representing a unique instrument, ...
  • Cosmology with a SKA HI intensity mapping survey 

    Santos, Mario G.; Bull, Philip; Alonso, David; Camera, Stefano; Ferreira, Pedro G.; Bernardi, Gianni; Maartens, Roy; Viel, Matteo; Villaescusa-Navarro, Francisco; Abdalla, Filipe B.; Jarvis, Matt; Metcalf, R. Benton; Pourtsidou, A.; Wolz, Laura (Proceedings of Science, 2014)
    HI intensity mapping (IM) is a novel technique capable of mapping the large-scale structure of the Universe in three dimensions and delivering exquisite constraints on cosmology, by using HI as a biased tracer of the ...
  • Cosmology from HI galaxy surveys with the SKA 

    Maartens, Roy; Abdalla, Filipe B.; Bull, Philip; Camera, Stefano; Benoit-Levy, Aurelien; Joachimi, Benjamin; Kirk, Donnacha; Klöckner, Hans-Rainer; Raccanelli, Alvise; Santos, Mario G.; Zhao, Gong-Bo (Proceedings of Science, 2014)
    The Square Kilometer Array (SKA) has the potential to produce galaxy redshift surveys which will be competitive with other state of the art cosmological experiments in the next decade. In this chapter we summarise what ...
  • Overview of Cosmology with the SKA 

    Maartens, Roy; Abdalla, Filipe B.; Jarvis, Matt; Santos, Mario G. (Proceedings of Science, 2014)
    The new frontier of cosmology will be led by three-dimensional surveys of the large-scale structure of the Universe. Based on its all-sky surveys and redshift depth, the SKA is destined to revolutionize cosmology, in ...