Prof. Sudeshni Naidoo

Position: Deputy Dean: Research
Faculty: Faculty of Dentistry
Qualifications: BDS, LDS.RCS, MDPH, DDPH.RCS, M Ch D, PhD, Dip IRE
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Recent Submissions

  • Endodontic treatment - reamers do break 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2013)
    During routine root canal treatment (RCT) of a lower molar tooth, a reamer fractured in one of the root canals. Should I inform the patient? What are my ethical obligations to the patient? Is a broken reamer or file a ...
  • Social gradient in the cost of oral pain and related dental service utilisation among South African adults 

    Ayo-Yusuf, Imade J.; Naidoo, Sudeshni (BMC Oral Health, 2016)
    Background: Oral pain affects people's daily activities and quality of life. The burden of oral pain may vary across socio-economic positions. Currently, little is known about the social gradient in the cost of oral pain ...
  • Warnings - written is always best 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni (SADA, 2013)
    An inferior dental block injection was administered to a 17-year-old who required the emergency extraction of his lower right molar tooth. The patient was advised not to bite his lip as he may not feel it due the numbing ...
  • Methamphetamine abuse: Oral symptoms and dental treatment needs 

    Smit, Dirk A.; Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2016)
    BACKGROUND: Methamphetamine: a highly addictive drug commonly used in South Africa. Users often present with poor oral hygiene, grossly decayed teeth and complain of a dry mouth. The prevalence of dental caries among users ...
  • Letter about dental decay, obesity shows that sugar industry is not to be trusted 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni; Sheiham, Aubrey (South African Dental Association, 2014)
    The South African Sugar Association (SASA) tries to trash our scientific arguments about the association of sugars with dental decay, obesity and diabetes ( "Sugar leaves a bitter taste" Cape Times August 18th) in their ...
  • Sugar leaves a bitter taste 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni; Sheiham, Aubrey (South African Dental Association, 2014)
    The types of foods we eat have become one of the most important issues of our time. In South Africa, diseases related to diet such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and tooth decay are ...
  • Handling medical emergencies 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    Medical emergencies can occur at any time in the dental surgery. Routine dental operations and procedures that generally cause no harm or distress to fit and normal patients may give rise to symptoms, alarming and of ...
  • Knowledge, attitudes and practices of oral health care workers in Lesotho regarding the management of patients with oral manifestations of HIV/AIDS 

    Ramphoma, K.J.; Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    Lesotho has the third highest prevalence of HIV in the world with an estimated 23% of the adult population infected. At least 70% of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) have presented with oral manifestation of HIV as ...
  • Unanticipated treatment complication and legal recourse 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni; Du Toit, J. (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    A middle - aged, partially edentulous Caucasian female patient presented to a general dentist for extraction of a mandibular tooth. The tooth was removed by the dentist, but following incomplete resolution of pain the ...
  • The prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among dentists in KwaZulu - Natal 

    Moodley, R.; Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    Occupational hazards in dentistry can result in injuries and reduced income if work -time is lost. Injuries include percutaneous insults, inhalation of noxious chemicals, hearing loss and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). ...
  • Ethical considerations when treating patients with eating disorders 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    In South Africa, the prevalence of eating disorders remains largely unknown. However with the unique, complex, social and political transformation of the country and increasing urbanization, it is anticipated that there ...
  • Avoiding perverse incentives 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    A general dental practitioner was approached by a friend and colleague, a maxillo-facial surgeon, who had recently taken up rooms near her practice. He offered incentives to her for any surgical referrals she could provide. ...
  • Want to date a patient? Refer first 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    In dentistry, the dentist - patient interaction often represents a long-term, close personal relationship that involves friendship as well as professional responsibility. A professional (the dentist) has two interests ...
  • Ethical responsibilities when using locum tenens 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    Locum tenens is usually a position that is offered when a practitioner in private practice is going on holiday, attending a congress, taking study leave or is absent from practice due to illness or other reason, and therefore ...
  • Percutaneous exposure incidents - prevalence, knowledge and perceptions of dental personnel and students at a dental training site in KwaZulu-Natal 

    Moodley, I.; Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    Healthcare workers, including dental practitioners and dental students, are at risk of occupational exposure to blood-borne pathogens such as hepatitis B, C and HIV. The present study set out to determine the prevalence, ...
  • Opportunities for Teledentistry in South Africa 

    Fortuin, J.B.; Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    Information, communication and technology (ICT) is a part of everyday life, and the constant evolution of technology has resulted in many opportunities for the health care sector. While health professionals globally have ...
  • Taking and making decisions for children in dentistry 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    In dentistry one rarely deals with life-or-death decisionmaking, however important human values are at stake during the course of any dental treatment. These include preventing pain, preserving and restoring oral function ...
  • Radiographic exposure during pregnancy 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    A 28 year old woman in her first trimester of pregnancy attends the dental surgery as a new patient. She presents with a periapical abscess on her first molar tooth and expresses concern about the numerous unfilled cavities ...
  • Managing stress in the dental environment 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    Stress is defined as "an imbalance between a perceived demand (stressor) and a person's perceived ability to cope with, or to meet, that demand". It is well known that dentists are subject to a variety of stress-related ...
  • Irrational requests for extractions 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    Dental professionals encounter a number of challenging ethical and legal dilemmas on a daily basis that often arise due to conflicts between the ethical principles of autonomy, non-maleficence (do no harm), beneficence ...

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